Operations Supervisor

Location: Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport -- (USA)

We are pleased to provide existing BAL team members the opportunity to apply for the Operations Supervisor position in Minneapolis (AOS or OS position depending upon the successful candidate’s experience), operating at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

To express your interest in this position, please apply in writing and include a current resume and cover letter in email to FM Christof Stolarczyk, and copy David Fitzgerald. This posting will close at 1700 CDT, July 27, 2017.
Selection for this position may include both internal and external candidates and will be conducted through a thorough interview process that will take into consideration:

  • Management experience
  • Management skills including but not limited to:

o Coaching
o Customer interaction
o Problem resolution
o Performance management
o Teamwork and cooperation
o Judgement and decision making
o Process improvement
o Training and development
o Personal development and self-improvement

  • Overall strength of work experience
  • Interview
  • Education
  • Work performance at BAL and discipline history (if any)
  • Demonstration of our Core Values and Leadership Characteristics