About Bradford

Bradford’s “Airport Material Intelligence System” (AMIS™) is setting the 21st century industry standard as airports move away from the outdated traditional logistics model - to utilize technology to tighten security and streamline operations.

Bradford's "powerful and turnkey integrated system” combines leading-edge technology with consolidated, single entry point “command and control” services over all material receipt and distribution within the airport terminal. Bradford’s solution is:

1. Technologically Superior/Totally Integrated Airport System

2. Extraordinary Data Management/Process Control Capabilities

3. Frontline of Enhancing Security

4. Streamlines Operations/Improves the Traveler's Experience

5. Creates Efficiencies to Minimize Costs

6. Real Time Command and Control

7. Tight Checks & Balances – Technology, Processes & Labor

Bradford’s Airport Material Intelligence System (AMIS™) and Dockmaster operation will effectively and efficiently resolve the major issues and challenges Airports are facing during the 21st century.